Social media

I have 5 kids and the Lord know’s that I am trying to be the best father that I can be, but sometimes my kids don’t see that at all. I have a 17yrs old daughter, she will be 18 in a couple months but she has no clue of how this world is. She decided that she wanted to go and live with her mom because I am the parent who will look at her social media profile and asked her why did you post this or why are you using that type of language when we don’t speak or talk liked that. The reason I do this is to make sure that my kids are not living a lie on the social media platform to try and please their peers or someone else. My kids should not post inappropriate pictures or remarks on social media and you cannot do what you want in our house. There are rules that you have to follow and you will get rewarded for good grades and behavior. She had straight A while she was living with me and she is with her mom now and she has F’s and C’s and D’s in some of her class’s but I see her posting all type of inappropriate stuff now and saying anything from cursing to who’s man she is sleeping with. This kind of sh*t breaks my heart. So do you think that I should have let her stay or let her go with her mom. She has full custody and I only have my visitation rights. But she was with me for the last 3 plus years. Let me know what you think.


What’s wrong with the world today

I was watching Mr Cohen testify in front of Congress what a dam disgrace these politician that are running the country. Both parties look like they are not interested in making the  middle class or the average person life better but making sure that they get President Trump out of the office or if he colluded with Russia. What is going on with the world white people are killing black people like our life doesn’t matter but then you have the black life matter people who are saying that black life matter but black people kill each other everyday in this country. I feel like i am in a movie sometimes and wonder what will happen when my kids become of age, this country and everywhere else is getting from bad to worst. The next this is that social media has everybody going crazy, people are killing people on live or doing something crazy just to get likes instead of going out and making real friends with people you can get to know. Instead people sometimes hide behind the social media platform and put on for people that they never mate or will never meet. Tell me what you take on everything that i just posted.

Violence in today’s society

To be frank i am really upset with the fact that all these people are being killed for sometimes over a heated argument. We are now living in a world that have no value for a human life, we are taking this precious gift that was granted to us by the father up above for granted. I have to say that thing are getting out of control, mother’s are killing their children that they carried for 9 months. Father’s are now killing their children and then themselves, people what are we facing now. The end times are really here and the book of Revelation in the Bible speak about times like these when the people of this earth will face a greater judgement than any supreme court or grand jury. Each and everyone has to give his or her own account on the life that they lived, we are living in an immoral society that believes that it’s every man for himself or herself . So if we do help our brother or sister when we see them in need then what are we doing, i am not saying that we should find every body that needs help and help them. What i am saying is that we need to do more than what we are doing to let each and every man that we encounter feel like how we would like to be treated.

I remember going to high school with all my friends and after high school we were all close but when everyone started to do their own thing then it seems like we drifted apart, i thought that was OK since we are all living our lives until my best friend was killed. Some guy shot him before his daughter’s birthday, my heart was broken because i didn’t tell him how much his friendship meant to me and how glad i was that i had mate him. People wake up life is too short to be playing or doing the same stuff over and over. Wake up!

Brief History of the World Wide Web

Hi all the Internet or World Wide Web as we know it started around the 1950’s and that is when electronic computers was in development, the first packet networking originated in the USA. The USA department of Defense was awarded the contact for packet network system which was to develop the Internet protocol as well as ARPANET.  After the development of the ARP system a test was done by an UCLA professor Leonard Kleinrock who sent the first web message using the ARPANET system. Since then the development of the Internet protocol has grown and then came the TCP/IP suite which is use on every network system that i am aware of,  the web is the largest information data base and its the easiest way to look up information.

Method of communication 

Now as we know it there are different was to communicate in today’s technological era, we now have phone calls, face time, text messaging, email, and different instant messaging application that you can install on our smart phone. But let think back to 20 years ago there was no smart phone and we only had land line and cell phone which was just to make calls and didn’t have all the features that these new phone has today. You had access to a key pad on the cell you could only use it to make calls with and received. Now your phone is similar to a minicomputer it does everything you can possibly think of, it even has a built in software that allows you to search for anything possible.

Social networking 

 Social networking has blown up in the last 10 years are so first social networking site i learn about was black planet after that then i had a Myspace page which i still have lol sounds funny right. But to be honest social network is one of the best way to get into problems with you friend posting a inappropriate message on your friend’s page can or may cause you your friendship or relationship. I don’t think that social networking is a bad thing but people tend to abuse the privileges that they have been given, if it was up to me i would disable this social media but then who would follow who then lol, people post some of the craziest stuff you can think of asked me why?


Email is one of the most used way of communicating in the business world, email has gone mobile, you can now access your email from your smart phone, as well as any where in the world. At one point you could only access email on PDA’s and blackberry phone, and computer but now your smart phone does it all accessing email browsing the web, watching you tube and accessing any social media sites. Email is use by everyone and every company, and if you email someone and wants to cancel now you have it where you can cancel an email 30 seconds from the time you hit send, now that’s how much technology has advanced and soon it will be even better.

 Wikis and Blogs

Wikis and blogs are people opinions along side some facts, it can be edited or word for people person opinion without any references from any valid source, a blog on the other hand is what i am starting so it just people opinion on a certain topic.

Podcasts and webcasts

This is the new and exciting tend that everyone seems to be adapting, instead of listening to radio with commercials and brake then the next option is podcast. Webcast is people who use the internet to have like radio station but it’s through the webs not using a radio station which is another new trend to this generation.

Streaming media

Media streaming is exactly that streaming music or video from the web is a way to stream media that a form of podcast which is one of the new ways of getting music and video to people.

E-commerce and M-commerce

Electronic commerce, or e-commerce, is the buying, selling, marketing, servicing, delivery, and payment of goods and services over computer networks such as the Internet. E-commerce is made possible through the use of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and server applications that enable the purchase to take place.